Beyond the Right way (Succeed) - Single

Emi Bizek - Beyond the Right way (Succeed) - Single

My first single contains the song that was chosen into the national finals of the Eurovision festival.

Dreamy music for babies and mothers

Bizek Emi - Álomszép - zene babáknak és mamáknak

My experience was that most of the baby music sooner or later becomes tiring for the mothers. Hence this record was composed to be relaxing for both the mothers and the small ones. For details visit the record's website at!

You can order the records here!

András Kepes - World Village

Kepes András - Világfalu

On the summer of 2005 I got the opportunity to compose the title song for "Világfalu" (World Village). That is how this soundtrack album was born, containing 14 tracks. The album is on sale in stores under the release of . The ingenious series of András Kepes was on air every Monday evening until 19. December 2005 on .